Sylar(Japanese:大道寺) is the mastermind behind M.E.T.A in Metal Fight Beyblade Elemental Gods.He who owns Archer Wolfe W145BSF and has returned for his revenge on the Elemental Bladers and is also known as "The Immortal Lycan".

Sylar watching Diablo's battle with Hunter.

Currently Deceased


Sylar AKA Daidouji survived the falls during King's battle against the Dark Bladers due to his power of immortality . He then worked with Dr.Ziggurat to get revenge on the Legendary Bladers but their plan to longer than they had thought. Daidouji then changed the plan to take his revenge on the Elemental Bladers .

Metal Fight Beyblade Elemental GodsEdit

Sylar revealed himself to be Daidouji and has planned to take his revenge out ont he Elemental Bladers using his Archer Wolfe W145BSF, which is a modified version of his previously owned beyblade, Dark Wolf DF145FS. During his battle with Hunter, Sylar used his special move, Darkness Howling Vendetta in an attempt to defeat Ifraid. As Ifraid dodged all of Wolfe's attacks, Ifraid used it's special move, Golden Tornado Upper and defeated Sylar's Archer Wolfe. He then tried to retreat back to M.E.T.A, but Hunter had launched Ifraid, severing the cables connecting to the bridge that leads to the M.E.T.A, sending Sylar to fall to his death and being crushed by the debris from the bridge. He is unable to be reveived using his power of immortality due to the debris from the bridge being pierced through his chest, making it impossible for his body to repair itself until it's removed.


Immortality -Is the power that allows allows Sylar to survive any fatal condition from starvation to a gunshot to the head. Upon dying, Sylar's body fully repairs itself to it's pre-death state; Sylar then wakes up perfectly healthy. However, the power does not work if Sylar does not die, so a physical injury that does not lead to death will either have to heal on it's own or - in the case of a stroke, for example - not at all.

Special MovesEdit

Darkness Howling Vendetta-Is when Archer Wolfe's beast emerges and shoots arrows of pure dark energy at the opposing bey and doesn't stop until it's destroyed. 


Archer Wolfe W145BSF-Sylar's one and only bey and a modified version of Dark Wolf DF145FS.

Stone Face:Wolfe

Chrome Wheel:Wolfe

Crystal Wheel:Archer

Sylar's element,Sky.

Track:Wing 145

Bottom:Blade Semi Flat


Sylar is seen using a brown Zero-g string launcher with red prongs and a white string.